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Liberating Patient Sharing of Photos & Files

Patient sharing of photos and documents in health is broken. To get documents, pictures, and files to doctors, patients are forced to send faxes, mail packages, hand-deliver documents, or even write letters / submit forms requesting others transfer files to doctors. While EMRs are changing how doctors store and manage records in the future, they don’t address the fundamental issue of how patients can quickly get pictures and documents to their doctors in a safe and secure fashion.

Current models for social sharing of images and documents demonstrate the value of easy, fast sharing, but aren’t appropriate for health. This talk explores how to create a system for fast, user-friendly, safe and secure sharing to make patient-to-doctor exchanges of health information as easy and as instant as photo and file sharing in non-health matters, and addresses how this sharing can improve patient-physician communications and create new opportunities for better patient outcomes.

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Michael Nichols, Chief Privacy Officer and General Counsel, HealthTap

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