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SXSW 2017

Get Smart: How IOT Reshapes Brands & Products

The emergence of IoT (Internet of Things) is raising the bar for brands to deliver smarter experiences across marketing, packaging, and even products themselves.

Trends in the size (smaller), cost (lower), and coverage (more) of connected technology have made data more accessible than ever before. Fueled by this influx of information, brands are faced with an unprecedented opportunity to make every consumer touch point personally relevant and useful.

On this panel, brand, agency, and technology practitioners will discuss how they are transforming marketing by embracing IoT to unlock inventive retail, dynamic packaging, and game-changing product innovations.

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  1. How is the emergence of affordable connectivity and sensor technology fueling new approaches to marketing?
  2. What are today’s most innovative brands doing, and how do they envision their efforts in the future?
  3. How do product innovations change when they’re being designed to work in an IoT (smart home, connected city, etc.) context?



Patrick Givens, Dir, Smart Innovations, VaynerMedia

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