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Driving Diagnosis and Care with Big Data Analytics


Studies have shown that it takes up to 17 years for the healthcare system in the U.S. to adopt a new standard of care. The FH Foundation, a patient centric research organization, is applying a groundbreaking big data approach to change this timeline. Approximately 1.3 million people in the United States have FH, a common genetic disorder that leads to aggressive heart disease, and yet 90% of people with FH have NOT been accurately diagnosed. The objective of this national initiative is to help healthcare providers identify patients in their own practice with profiles consistent with particular diseases or conditions.

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  1. How can big data change how we find undiagnosed patients?
  2. What role can patient centric non-profits play in addressing gaps in care?
  3. How can predictive modeling revolutionize healthcare and empower individuals?



Kelly Myers, Chief Technology Officer, The FH Foundation, a research and advocacy public charity

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