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SXSWedu 2017

Closing the Equity Gap by Nurturing Growth Mindset

This session will present a new lens through which to view and champion equity for all learners. Rather than viewing “equity” in terms of dollars spent, the diverse needs of our students are best met when schools focus on innovation and supporting growth mindset for all. This session will share ways in which edtech innovation is supporting data-driven instruction and differentiation, making learning more equitable with new instructional practices, streamlining assessment, and driving student engagement.

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  1. Participants will understand how to use personalized instruction to support growth mindset and foster identity affirmation in all students.
  2. Learn how to use data to increase equity for ELs and other disadvantaged students.
  3. Understand ways educators can strive for equity, not equality, in the classroom to drive the greatest academic gains.


  • Aurora Martinez, Curriculum Associates


Aurora Martinez, Exec Dir, Curriculum Associates

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