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SXSWedu 2017

Helping Parents Guide Kids’ Media Use

As K-12 schools integrate technology, helping parents guide kids’ media use is more important than ever. But what makes for effective parent engagement around media and technology? (Hint: it’s not a school assembly held once a year.) Ongoing parent engagement is an essential piece of building a positive culture of digital citizenship in schools. In this panel, hear from schools, districts, and nonprofits about what effective parent engagement looks like, how schools can address the unique needs of caregivers in their communities, and co-engagement ideas where media brings parents and kids together.

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  1. Identify effective strategies, best practices, and engaging approaches for educating parents and caregivers to guide kids in a digital age.
  2. Learn how teachers can be sensitive to parents’ diverse knowledge and behaviors around technology management.
  3. Discuss the benefits of schools serving as media guides for parents to help build a positive culture around technology and learning.


Kelly Mendoza, Dir of Professional Dev, Common Sense Education

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