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SXSW 2017

Understanding interaction-first design

The continual creation of new shapes and sizes for digital devices has made the job of digital designers much more complex. And while the consumer tech industry is constantly evolving, the methods we use to design for these new screens have remained the same.

To solve this problem, an interaction-first design approach can be used to optimize a team’s workflow in a way that prioritises creative projects and keeps all team members happy. In this talk, we’ll explore the history of both responsive design and mobile-first design and discuss how developments in these areas have led us to a place where we need interaction-first design in order to create the best experiences.

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  1. How do we practice responsive and mobile-first design today?
  2. Why should the mobile-first approach be updated?
  3. How can we work with responsive design in a more efficient way while preserving creative freedom?


  • Thiago Duarte, Huge


Thiago Duarte, Prod Designer, Huge

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