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SXSW Interactive 2013

Turning Business as Usual on its Head with Social

In 2008, faced with the reality of social media and the mouthpiece it created for disgruntled cable & internet customers, the company decided to embrace transparency. Simmermon – a writer and stand-up storyteller/comedian - led the company to social media by responding to customers on Twitter. When 140 characters became all-too-small a space to communicate unwieldy negotiations or to explain the science behind the magic of cable and Internet, Simmermon launched the award-winning TWCableUntangled blog to tell TWC’s story. At the same time, the company enlisted call center manager Phil Blum to lead the @twcablehelp care team and address customer service complaints in the wild. Learn how social media allows PR and Customer Care to work together as a critical part of TWC’s product, communications and customer service operations, and how the one-two punch of Simmermon and Blum add a daily dose of personality, humanity and above all, humor to the company.

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  1. What's the optimal social media platform strategy for my brand or business?
  2. How does my business decide when - and when not - to address customer complaints in the wild?
  3. How do I scale and integrate social across the enterprise?
  4. How can I make sure that social media communications are tailored to a national, diverse audience?
  5. How can I measure success, and translate results to business value?



Jeff Simmermon, Director, Digital Media, Time Warner Cable

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