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SXSWedu 2017

Scaling the boot camp model for middle class jobs

The boot camp model of rapid, targeted training has stormed onto the scene as a more effective and efficient alternative to traditional academic programs. To date, most boot camps have taken root as a post-baccalaureate path to tech jobs. But the tech sector isn’t the only one facing a skill gap. The world of middle-skill jobs faces similar talent shortages across a much bigger market. Does the boot camp concept offer a route to close the skills gap, without expecting everyone to go to college? The panel will use their expertise and real-time job data that shows what is actually happening in the labor market to look at the next wave in the training world.

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  1. Identifying where alternative training programs have potential to be game-changers
  2. Understanding the links between short-term training programs and what employers demand
  3. Evaluating opportunities to use boot camps to close skills gaps



Scott Bittle, Dir of Communications, Burning Glass Technologies

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