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Pathway to Increase Diversity in the Outdoors


What happens when our country’s fastest growing populations do not feel a connection to the outdoors? Minority groups cite various reasons for low outdoor participation rates but if they are not engaged in the outdoors and environmental issues, how will they understand the importance of being good environmental stewards?

Diversity in the outdoors can foster a new generation of stewards, educate about outdoor cultural heritage connections, and combat health disparities like obesity.

This panel highlights outdoor diversity advocates who work to inspire people to discover the outdoors; share their own experiences through digital engagement; and support outdoor conservation education.

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  1. What is the direct impact on environmental conservation and stewardship in relation to increasing diversity in the outdoors?
  2. How do outdoor-focused organizations and advocates use digital engagement to change behaviors of diverse groups who are consuming the information?
  3. Why are connections to American parks and outdoor areas important for minority groups when it comes to their health and heritage?



Melanie Mendez-Gonzales, Digital Media Creator, Que Means What Blog

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