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SXSW 2017

Can She Say That? Women Creating Civility Online

From the harassment of women and minorities on platforms like Twitter to revenge porn and the depiction of women in media, one wants to ask, “What is this world coming to?” While there are many threads we can pull about the role of the internet community in fracturing debate and in reinforcing the most extreme views, this all-star, all-female panel will present the broader question: When private companies become public squares online, how can we build communities that bring out the best in their members?

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  1. Is there a unique role women can play in creating community, building on historic & cultural norms in community building offline?
  2. What are some of the platforms doing to promote the best speech and bring out the best in their community members?
  3. What role does the media play in reinforcing norms and behaviors, particularly towards women?



Taylor Portela, Special Asst to Pres & CEO, Center for Democracy & Technology

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