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SXSW 2017

Advanced UX Theory: Applying the Laws of Context

SXSWInteractive 2014 was the “year of context,” as was 2015, 2016…and here we are, in 2017, and still barely scratching the surface of creating dynamic, contextually informed and user-aware products.Despite the plethora of products, the design of these experiences violate design principles, or put simply, the laws of hospitality. View contextual applications as “hosting” experiences that accommodate their users, empathizing and anticipating their emotional and physical needs, and respecting their privacy, honesty and control.

In rushing to get products to market, we’ve been bad hosts. I’ve created a set of laws to explain how our understanding and and application of UCD needs to evolve.

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  1. How are contextually aware applications different and what is the implication for designers and developers?
  2. Why have contextually aware applications failed in the past? What can we learn?
  3. What are the universal tenets of designing contextually aware experiences?



Rachel Nitschke, Mktg, ChaiOne

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