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SXSW 2017

Why Is It Not Okay For Women To Like Money

It's 2016. We have a woman running for president, yet it's not acceptable for us to admit we like money. Even talking openly about our finances is considered taboo. At Refinery29, we're challenging this idea with The Money Diaries, a popular biweekly column with a devoted following of millennial women who relish the chance to have honest conversations about money. Just a few of the recurring themes, which we'll discuss in this panel: Why do we still feel uncomfortable asking for more, admitting to making a healthy salary, or earning more than our male partners? Can we fix this problem by being more open about our salaries? Or are we doomed to always be awkward about this crucial topic?

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  1. Why are women so critical of other women making more money?
  2. Why are women still uncomfortable making money more than their male partners?
  3. What needs to change so women will feel more confident taking control of their financial lives?



Lindsey Stanberry, Living Features Director, Refinery29

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