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Blogging Lawyers Helping People

Learn how over 15,000 lawyers, law professors, law students and other legal industry professionals are helping to make legal information and legal services more accessible to people. These individuals are blogging on over 1,200 independent niche subject blogs, on a network with members on six continents. The niches cover locales and areas of the law.

The member blogs run on and our supported by a SaaS turnkey solution offered by LexBlog, Inc.

What motivates these bloggers? How are they supported? What is the technology that empowers these bloggers and allows the network to scale?

Why not use such blogging networks to serve other fields such as the sciences, medicine and more?

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  1. How can blogging serve others?
  2. What motivates bloggers to help others?
  3. How do you scale a blog network from a technology and service standpoint?



Kevin OKeefe, CEO/Founder, LexBlog Inc

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