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Saving the World a Little /Awesome at a Time

Everything is broken. Our cities and countries are going bankrupt, joblessness continues to rise, our crises of energy, health and the environment continue to deepen. The institutions we’ve established to address these challenges are crumbling.
Meanwhile, we now have a way to fix everything: “networks of us” -- riding on the open internet -- collaborating, transacting, and solving problems in altogether new ways. This power is awesome and exciting, and it touches every issue that matters.

BUT, we may not get the chance to use it. Every new model threatens an old one, and when it comes to wielding political power, the future has no lobbyist.
We -- the community of individuals, organizations, and companies that are both building the infrastructure of the future and working on top of it -- must advocate together for our connected future.
This session will lay out concrete steps that everyone can take to build the cultural & political foundation for the future of everything.

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Nick Grossman, Founder,

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