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SXSWedu 2017

Unpacking ALL: Equity Through Student Voice

Is “all” just the latest buzzword we throw around in education? It sounds good: ALL students college and career ready. But do we really mean ALL? Many times in education we create programs and strategies with the intention of serving each student, only to find that we fall short. We struggle to serve every student because we don’t know what approaches to use or simply aren’t explicit enough about what ALL really means. In this workshop, we begin unpacking ALL and discuss ways to engage diverse student voices and allow them to inform our strategies. The challenge is to listen to students’ voices and develop programs and a school culture that encompasses each students’ unique needs.

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  1. Bring a clearer focus to what is meant by ALL students and understand there is no single strategy that can reach all cultural/demographic groups.
  2. Reflect on which student groups are best served within your current school system and analyze who is currently underserved.
  3. Determine which strategies you are currently using that come close to serving the needs of ALL students, and whether they are culturally relevant.


  • Carmen Gelman, EPIC
  • Michelle Liebhardt , EPIC


Rachel Phillips, Strategy & Operations Assoc, EPIC

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