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SXSW 2017

Virtual Crossroads: A Look At VR & Human Behavior

For every new, successful technology that humankind has introduced into our lives, we’ve molded and altered our behaviors, sometimes creating new behaviors entirely. But it comes to virtual reality, will we follow the same path?

Consider the initial overwhelming success of Pokemon GO: An augmented reality app that requires you to move about the in the physical world to play. Virtual reality headsets span anywhere from completely mobile to tethered, and everywhere in between. In what physical context will VR be the most interesting, and successful? Join us as our panel of experts dive into how virtual reality will affect human behavior, both emotionally and physically, in 2017 and beyond.

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  1. How could long-term usage of VR affect people's behavior in everyday life?
  2. How could the hardware limitations of VR change how and where the medium will be used in the future?
  3. Pokemon GO created behaviors in users that didn't exist before. What stars would have to align for VR to have a similar blockbuster success?



Casey Hopkins, Mktg & Events, Ustwo

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