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SXSW 2017

Keys Drivers for the Future of Wearables

Clothing becomes function, it ceases to be a vehicle of social class communication & race, and becomes a way of externalizing users own collection of data, being consumed through upgrades that bring improvements to pieces acquired previously and the new demands of the body. Through reports and impactful investigations I take account of the main opportunities that are being left aside and the impact on global markets in the coming years. The content of this section has been kept secret and only Adidas and WGSN BR had the opportunity to view it, both predict that the beginning of this research will be for 2018/19, today we are talking about "reset" to facilitate digestion of what is to come.

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  1. The main forces that are moving us out of the status quo and how to interpret them
  2. Types of businesses that will exist in the near future, and what are our roles as entrepreneurs, educators and/or evangelizers
  3. Exploring the new supply chain ramifications and how to take advantage without changing our current routine



Renan Serrano, Own, Renan Serrano

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