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SXSW 2017

Product First: You Can't Outsmart Adblockers

The extent to which advertising can drive future revenue for many companies has been thrown into question by the rise of ad blockers and premium products. As ad revenue stagnates in industries ranging from publishing to media and entertainment, companies must find avenues to unlock new revenue.

Media and product design veteran, Sarah Sampsel, believes there’s a longer-term solution (hint: it’s not a better ad unit). She will discuss strategies for how companies can shift their approach to revenue generation away from relying on advertising and towards better products that people love to use.

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  1. How do I make a product people will be willing to pay for?
  2. More and more visitors are using adblockers! What can I do about it?
  3. What are the right revenue models for my brand: how do I know what's appropriate for my audience?



Lindsay Liu, Group Dir Mktg, Work & Co

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