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SXSW 2017

Don’t Just Rely On The Media—Own Your Platform

Today, communicating is an egalitarian pursuit. While the media remains a crucial component, they are no longer the sole gatekeepers. So what if we can use our own platforms to get our story out? What if messages can be delivered directly and unfiltered to the masses? Owning your own communications platform today is a necessity—from hives of active social networks to relationships with influencer advocates, clever curation to advance/rapid response crisis teams, it has never been more important for brands to grab the narrative by the throat and own the story.

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  1. How can you decide which channels you should be (and shouldn’t be) using to tell your story?
  2. What role should the media play in your communications strategy?
  3. How did Macy’s made internet history by owning their platform?



David Quinones, VP Editorial & Content, RockOrange

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