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Throw a Badass Customer Conference

The customer conference has long been perceived as a necessity for software companies to launch products, build relationships and attract new customers. If done correctly, these events can be the perfect way to inspire and connect with customers. But often times the relationships subside once the conference ends. To be successful, businesses need a post-conference plan to nurture these relationships year-round. How? Digital - social media & online communities. In this session, Lithium CMO Katy Keim explores how to carry those relationships beyond the event using digital destinations. Learn how to use digital strategies and community platforms to turn your conference into an all-year “halo.”

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  1. What tactics should companies employ to cultivate the relationships formed at their customer conferences?
  2. What elements make a successful customer conference, and how do you maximize its impact year-round?
  3. How should companies use digital strategies, social media and online communities to continue engaging with and inspiring their customers post-event?



Katrina Estrella, Comms/Analyst Relations Mgr, Lithium Technologies Inc

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