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SXSW 2017

Can Technology Disrupt Equality: Artists in 2020

The technological revolution is well underway. Are advances in technology exacerbating inequality? If so, what will be the economic impact of the rapid rise in the “sharing economy" and automated systems? What skills will be needed to succeed, and how can we develop them?

This discussion will present recent research on the financial impact of the sharing economy, and the role of automation on our workforce. Attendees will learn what skills will be needed in the workforce by 2020, and steps we can take to prepare ourselves accordingly.

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  1. What steps can we take today to make sure the technological revolution does not exacerbate inequality in America?
  2. What financial impact is the sharing economy having on the pocketbooks of Americans?
  3. Why will creative people, like artists and musicians, be in hot demand in an increasingly automated work place?


Lisa Hayes, VP Programs & Strategy, Center for Democracy & Technology

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