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Researchers Share New Approaches to Teaching ELLs

English Language Learners (ELL) are a growing yet still underserved segment of the U.S. student population, and teaching these diverse learners presents a unique and highly complex set of challenges. This panel brings together researchers and learning experts to explore the latest findings and new approaches to helping teachers with second language and bilingual students. Can technology make a difference in ensuring equity for all learners? How can teachers specifically address the complex needs of ELLs?

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn key takeaways from the latest ELD research and how they apply to classroom instruction.
  2. Hear learning experts share ideas for providing equity in schools and helping teachers navigate the complex challenges associated with teaching ELLs.
  3. Understand the role that technology plays in supporting a more dynamic and diverse set of students.



Brittnie Bordonaro, Sr Dir , RF|Binder / McGraw-Hill Education

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