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Life After Fashion Bloggers

Fashion and beauty bloggers have garnered much attention in the media. They have the ability to influence consumer perception and purchasing, like celebrities and models before them. How long will they hold onto this mantle? What will the field develop into and/or who and what will supplant them? Or will they supplant themselves by evolving?


  1. Fashion is late to the democratization of voices and influence that blogging can bring. What has happened in other fields--politics, investing--that may hold some parallels for fashion?
  2. Will the next generation of influencers arise directly from Pinterest, or other new platforms, bypassing the traditional blogging element altogether?
  3. Will the survivors of this evolution be determined less by how much they can command an audience than by how much they can command a sale?
  4. Some personal style bloggers are evolving into full blown media properties but is that just a more delayed path to obsolescence?
  5. Some of the dangers to the fashion blogger is from within, namely burnout. What can a fashion blogger do to embrace innovation as a form of defense against this?



Caroline Waxler, Digital Strategist, HarknessHall

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