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Design Your Future School


The future of schools is a hot topic. Getting past the obstacles for a sustainable path to innovation may seem like mission impossible. This session strips those obstacles away, if only for 60 minutes. Without being tied down by finances, politics, the need to adhere to standards or prepare for assessments, we want to know: how would your school look today if you could rebuild it from the ground up? Experts in school design and leaders of national deeper learning networks will lead participants through activities and discussions surrounding the question - what would the perfect school of the future look like and does that school already exist today?

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  1. Define the obstacles that make it difficult for school transformation to occur, both locally and nationally.
  2. Temporarily ignore those obstacles to define the characteristics that we individually and collectively believe are essential in schools of the future
  3. Illuminate the path by which schools, networks and models who already have those “future” characteristics in place achieved success.



Javier Guzman, Regional Dir, Big Picture Learning

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