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SXSW 2017

Doctoring Up Your Social Media Advocacy

When activated employees share brand content, organizations see an exponential leap in engagement, exposure to new audiences, and almost 24 times more reshares. But what if your employee audience is constantly mobile, distributed, and extremely busy talking to your customers? This panel will reveal key takeaways from physician and employee engagement initiatives taking place at Baylor Scott & White Health and Mayo Clinic and how each leveraged their size and physician influencers to build brand loyalty internally and externally.

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  1. How do you build support for an employee engagement program that includes physicians?
  2. How do you capture the attention of physicians who are not interested in social media? And how has this activation changed physician communications?
  3. How have physicians amplified the messages shared by the brand and achieved success?



Megan McCook, Mgr Social Media, Baylor Scott & White Health

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