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SXSW 2017

Using Technolgy to Heal Our Heroes

In 2014, census.gov reported that there were 3.8 disabled veterans in the United States. After these men and women fight for our country, they deserve to get access to the support they need to optimize their lives. Technology can make a huge difference in the lives of disabled veterans and other people with disabilities. During this panel, we will explore these cutting edge technologies that change lives. Three of the panelists are veterans who are actively helping other veterans using technology. The panelists will also discuss what factors make technology accessible and valuable to veterans and others with disabilities.

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  1. What factors are important in marketing technology to disable veterans?
  2. What are the new technologies that are helping veterans optimize their quality life?
  3. Why is important to consider accessibility issues when designing technology?


Cristen Reat , Dir, BridgingApps/Easter Seals Houston

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