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SXSWedu 2017

Awesome Apps Work For All Students

Good design makes products better for all. When designing apps or evaluating apps, the apps that will work the best for all students are apps that are designed well and will work for a variety of students. On this panel, we will discuss why some apps are universally loved and work well for many students. The panel will include experts in the use of mobile apps for the education of preschool aged students through college students. We will discuss specific apps and what makes the design universal and inclusive. The panel will include a special educator, a general educator and a college student. You will leave this panel knowing what to look for in an app and how to design your app for all.

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  1. Why do apps designed with accessible features work better for all users? What are some examples of those apps?
  2. Why do some apps go viral crossing age, gender, racial, cultural and educational boundaries?
  3. What are key factors in app design that lead to better functionality for many diverse groups of students?



Betsy Furler, Owner/App Expert/Speech Pathologist, Communication Circles

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