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Less Fluff, More Stuff: Engaging Early Learners


High quality early learning is closely connected to college and career readiness, but early ed can look a lot like your favorite childhood cereal; sugary, lots of fluff, but no substance. The challenge is to infuse more learning into early ed while keeping students engaged. Join early engagement experts and a kindergarten teacher to learn about the different levers of engagement and discuss the benefits of adaptive personalized early ed from a design, content and practitioner perspective.

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  1. Understand and design levers of engagement for early learners.
  2. Learn from industry and classroom experts on how to develop and implement adaptive personalized early learning and its importance.
  3. Discover what classrooms are doing to prepare early learners for their next grade level, and ultimately college and career.


  • Christine Zanchi, Curriculum Associates
  • Jim Cunningham, University of North Carolina
  • Ashley Curtis, Duval County Schools


Kathy Walsh, Sr Exhibits Coord, Curriculum Associates

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