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SXSW 2017

You Got The Sync, Now What?

One of the major goals in releasing music these days is securing a coveted sync. Landing a sync can be a challenge, but once you do, what's next? Promotional planning and data analysis around a sync placement are crucial to making the most of the opportunity. In this panel, we'll discuss successful strategies for a range of budgets and lay out best practices to capitalize on a sync. Featuring indie industry veterans, you’ll learn how to set yourself up to maximize exposure, avoid easy mistakes and focus on elements to increase sales as a direct result of your sync.

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  1. Given a specific budget, how do you create a strategy to make the most of a sync placement?
  2. How do you use data to plan and capitalize on a sync placement?
  3. What are mistakes to avoid when it comes to promoting a sync placement?



Chris Calabrese, Coord Corporate Mktg, The Orchard

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