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SXSW 2017

Live Obituary for the Press Release (& Buzz Words)

“Why won’t they pick up my story?” The answer: your pitch probably sucks. Did you use words like “innovative,” “game-changing,” or “disruptive” to describe your project? Do you work in a “space” or “vertical”? Are you building a “mission critical” “platform” for “enterprise” deployment? Does you business plan call to “monetize” its “value-added” “positioning” to reach an “inflection point?” And did you share all of this information via press release, that stale, antiquated last bastion of hackneyed public relations? If so, get ready to “pivot” to a new “paradigm” where we all agree to just say what things are and what they do. Can you “ideate” that?

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  1. How can you cut the crap from your press releases?
  2. How can you craft pitches that journalists will actually pay attention to?
  3. What are the buzzwords journalists hate the most and what should you use instead?



Alyssa Bushey, VP Client Services , RockOrange

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