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Genius Loci: Education With a Sense of Place


The challenges of the modern world will not be addressed by technology alone. We must leverage the “power of place” to equip students with the skills they need through authentic experiences to collaborate, think critically and solve complex challenges--an absolute requirement as we build a modern workforce. This interactive, immersive session will demonstrate how schools can serve as the foundation for highly functioning democratic and sustainable societies through Place-Based Education. Come explore how PBE can be an entry point into high-impact, personalized learning for students, teachers and communities.

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  1. Experience Place-Based Education through a mock “tour” of dozens of examples.
  2. Leave with ideas and action steps for implementing PBE with your students or for your own professional learning.
  3. Understand why PBE matters in the context of access, equity and opportunity.



Carri Schneider, Dir, Getting Smart

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