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SXSWedu 2017

More Female MBAs, More Gender Equality at Work?

Elite MBA programs are now over 40% female. This record high marks an important shift, as historically the MBA has been an important prerequisite for key leadership roles in global business. But do more female MBAs mean more women in leadership & a more gender equal workplace? Evidence is mixed: more women are getting skills critical to success in all industries, but women MBAs are still often disproportionately represented in female occupations like marketing & HR.

A panel of administrators, recent MBA grads, recruiters and Dow Jones' Fara Warner (moderator) will explore why this is the case & how the MBA can be altered to be a springboard for greater gender equality in the workplace.

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  1. What students can expect from an MBA program today – from enrollment, through the program and into a career—and how it differs for men and women
  2. What attendees can do to address the limited role models, cultural biases and other factors holding back female MBAs
  3. How the MBA experience can be altered to be a springboard for greater gender equality in the workplace



Alison Davis-Blake, Leon Festinger Collegiate Professor of Mgmt & Special Advisor to the Provost , The Ross School of Business - The University of Michigan

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