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Why Is K-12 Education So Slow to Change?

From smart phones to electric cars, new innovations have reshaped virtually every aspect of our lives. Even in higher ed, digital instructional tools and flipped classrooms are changing the experience for professors and students. Why then have many of our K-12 classrooms remained so firmly rooted in the 20th century? Is there something inherently change-resistant about our K-12 schools? A visionary district superintendent, an ed tech industry leader and an educator discuss what change can look like when a school or classroom breaks out. How can educators and leaders ignite change in their schools and communities to truly transform instruction and learning? Walk away with a vision for change.

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  1. Hear four unique perspectives on how schools can change – and why so many have not.
  2. Be inspired by the stories of change agents who have transformed the learning experience for students – and seen results.
  3. Walk away with a vision and roadmap to ignite change in your community, district or school.



Tiffany Eckelberg, Sr Mgr Comm, McGraw-Hill School Education

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