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Rethinking Assessments


Assessments are an important tool in measuring concept mastery and student progress, but the struggle to cut down on redundant or unnecessary evaluations is real. How can educators avoid over-testing while still getting the information needed to drive instruction? This session will focus on the approach used by three districts to rationalize the tests they administer by rethinking assessments as a system that connects data to instruction. Attendees will learn about some of the tools used by these districts to reduce assessment in order to return time back to teachers and students to teach and learn creatively.

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  1. Learn about the key steps districts are using to rationalize their assessments.
  2. Understand how to integrate a cohesive system of assessments into classroom learning to streamline and reduce testing.
  3. Learn how to communicate with key stakeholders and develop public will for your initiative.



Kenneth Tam, Exec Dir Personalized Learning & Assessment, Curriculum Associates

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