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SXSW 2017

Live Immersive Experiences Then and Now

I will be presenting a complete timeline of immersive live experiences since then dawn of mankind.
Will pick all points and details about how communities are bring together in group events based on a deep narrative, characters, large sets inspired by books, films and tales.
Will be talking about how we can create multiplot stories for a live event where audience immerse themselfes in a fantastic world of mazes, misteries and fun.
Finally will be pointing how to bring brands and partners to make the live experience event happens in a professional way

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  1. Why the Immersion Tool is so important to bring audience closer to brand, products, services and YOU?
  2. How to engage and impress audiences using Live Immersive Experiences?
  3. How to create deep and multiplot Live Experiences narratives for this kind of entertainment product?



Fabio Hofnik, Creative Dir, Imersivos

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