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SXSW 2017

Target on Your Back: Small Businesses Under Attack

Cyber criminals have their eyes on small businesses more than ever before. In fact, more than half of phishing attacks were targeted towards small businesses last year. Why? They have fewer resources to defend themselves than large enterprises, but still store data criminals consider valuable and attractive for commerce across the dark web. The consequences of a breach can be critical – sometimes even forcing a small business to close up shop. With attacks on small businesses showing no sign of slowing, how can this group stay one step ahead of cyber threats? Join this dual session for a conversation around the latest threats and walk away with proactive steps to defend against attacks.

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  1. How do mistakes made by small business owners invite opportunistic hackers to infiltrate their business?
  2. What happens when a small business is hacked? Which information is bought and sold across the dark web?
  3. How can business owners mitigate threats to keep data safe and create a culture of cybersecurity at work?



Joey Held, Account Exec, INK PR

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