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SXSW 2017

Next Gen Motion Capture for Movies and Crowd Games

Motion Capture, originally a technology used in medical labs to record human performance, is now ubiquitous in film and TV, games, sports, surveillance, and home entertainment. This talk will show the cutting edge of Motion Capture and new Computer Vision techniques in journalism, Olympic sports, interactive games for crowds, and film effects, for which Bregler won an Academy Award in 2016. From setting up underwater cameras in Olympic pools to tracking actors’ facial subtleties for Hollywood movie footage, Bregler will explore the outer limits of Motion Capture. As an option, at the end of the talk, Bregler’s team could involve the SXSW audience in an interactive mocap game.

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  1. How did motion capture change, in a strikingly short amount of time, from a rarified to a widely used technology?
  2. How did some of the latest effects in Film Making and News Reporting were done?
  3. What are the possible applications of crowd games in the entertainment domain and beyond?



Chris Bregler, Sr Staff Scientist / Engineering Mgr, Google

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