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What Founders Need to Know When Pitching to a VC

Venture Capital, angel and send investment reaches its highest funding rate since the early dot com days. Becoming an entrepreneur and launching the next instagram, twitter or pinterest are new cool thing to do. Despite the increase opportunities for entrepreneurs to raise capital many venture capitalist say that most entrepreneurs are not investor ready. In the "What founders need to know when pitching to a VC session I'll cover valuable lessons learned from working with various investors and successful entrepreneurs who have raised capital. The session will teach startup founders what information is needed in their pitch deck, questions to ask investors, what annoys investors and the ever debating question business plan vs pitch deck vs executive summary. Other key items discussed in this session will be comparisons of how Silicon Valley, East Coast and Midwest investors rate and compare startups for investment opportunities.

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Wayne Sutton, CEO, Co-Founder, PitchTo Inc.

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