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SXSWedu 2017

VR & Mixed Reality Trends: Insights for Educators

This session examines the latest industry trends in VR and Mixed Reality and their potential applications in education. Major companies, Hollywood studios, publishing and media giants along with independent entrepreneurs are developing new projects that will profoundly transform our human experience. Microsoft and Magic Leap are creating innovative Mixed Reality devices while Facebook and other companies are promising to turn Virtual Reality into a deeply social experience. Innovative filmmakers and studios are pushing the boundaries of content production. Explore how these broader trends will impact the introduction and use of VR and Mixed Reality in our learning environments.

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  1. Learn about the latest technical developments, content projects, and how the work of entrepreneurs is changing the VR landscape
  2. Gain insights into how underlying industry trends will shape the future of VR and transform learning
  3. Examine how key projects and partners drive the adoption of Virtual and Mixed Reality learning opportunities in business, entertainment and education


Maya Georgieva, Co founder & Partner , Digital Bodies

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