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World Domination

Going global isn’t easy. Your team members are far away. The laws are different. And for some reason it’s impossible to find a decent phone line for the new office. But bringing your company to new markets—and building new teams to support them—can also be a thrilling accelerator to your business; an inspiring reminder of why your company culture is the glue that keeps everyone together; and an eye-opening way to re-understand your product offering through the eyes of new customers. International Product Manager Kristina Gibson will talk about how Eventbrite has tackled the challenges of opening a UK office, and launching translated, localized products – all while rolling out the Eventbrite culture across the pond.


  1. What makes a market ready for its own localized offering?
  2. Do you need team members on the ground in every market you launch in?
  3. How does hosting user-generated content impact the localization and internationalization strategy?
  4. When is a company ready to open an office abroad?
  5. What are some logistical challenges to keep in mind when opening an office abroad?



Vanessa Schneider, Sr PR Manager, Eventbrite

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