SXSW 2017

VR: Beyond the Games

The success or failure of any new trend is adoption beyond niche audiences. Virtual Reality (VR) is no different as success will not only be judged by deeper adoption within gaming experiences but how much traction it can find within business environments. In this session, Corey Rosemond, Director of Consumer Business Development at Plantronics, will provide background on new use cases and associated drivers that are helping to expand VR opportunities beyond head mounted displays.

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  1. What are the options beyond the head mounted display?
  2. What tools and technologies are available to best manage and exploit VR for new use cases?
  3. What does the promise of expansion associated with these VR experiences look like?


  • Corey Rosemond, Director of Global Business Development, Plantronics


Maxine Bingham, Sr Mgr Analyst Relations, Plantronics

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