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Avoid the Alignment Trap


We’ve all been led to believe acting in a linear, orderly fashion – even in a dynamic and disorderly world – is what we should do. Alignment really means someone else has decided what we should do and we should line up in support of it. However, when it comes to execution, alignment is far from ideal. Organizations chase alignment with statements like “We need stronger processes."
Instead, we fall into the alignment trap with that way of thinking. The Harvard Business Review suggests seizing opportunities that support strategy. This is demonstrating execution at its finest by integrating strategy and execution.

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  1. How can you transform ideas into executable, strategic plans?
  2. How can you avoid the alignment trap in your business or organization?
  3. How can you build a strategic plan instead of only several projects to a strategy?



Jane Kovacs, PR Mgr, Planview

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