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SXSW 2017

Mobile Apps in the Age of Cognitive Computing

We’re at a pivotal moment where rapid technology growth is upon us. With advancements in cognitive computing, it’s likely to permeate all aspects of our life, including events. Today Siri enables our internet searches, self-driving cars roam the streets of Silicon Valley and IBM’s Watson is defeating humans at Jeopardy.

How will intelligent machines affect mobile apps, as they try to understand and mimic human intelligence? This session covers the potential for what could be achieved through advancements in cognitive computing and how systems like Watson can be integrated with mobile apps to extract valuable insights from large volumes of data and address the challenges we face today.

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  1. What would cognitive computing integration with mobile look like?
  2. What role does cognitive computing play in mobile and how will that impact user experiences?
  3. How can brands leverage cognitive insights to provide a more engaging and personalized experience?



Cecillia Lescano, Mktg Dir, Eventbase Technology Inc.

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