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SXSW 2017

Shape Your City's Innovation Community

Innovation districts across the world are unique, shaped by diverse, distinctive cultures and primed to innovate for the benefit of their own communities. Yet, they face similar challenges, have similar needs and yearn to create change globally. En route to global disruption, these networks are creating cities of the future. We’ll discuss how tech entrepreneurs shape cities by sharing key lessons from the Tomorrow Tour, an event series that took Technical.ly and Comcast NBCUniversal deep inside tech startup hubs in six U.S. cities. You’ll learn from: a Detroit social impact founder, a surging Philly software startup founder, a corporate innovation executive and a cross-market journalist.

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  1. What are specific methods I can employ to start, scale or strengthen my local tech, startup and innovation community?
  2. How can we increase cross-community & cross-city collaboration to foster innovation and important culture shifts?
  3. What makes technologists and entrepreneurs essential to the future of cities?



Christopher Wink, Editorial Dir, Technically Media

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