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SXSW 2017

How to Stand Out in Hyped Up Fintech Market

From start-ups to large institutions, it seems that everyone and their mother is jumping on the fintech bandwagon. With new fintech solutions popping up daily, how can your company differentiate itself in a market rapidly becoming saturated by this ever-so-popular moniker? Join fintech luminaries including a top industry analyst, leading venture capitalist, financial PR executive, and an entrepreneur who made it, as they discuss how to take your company from buzz-word status to public listing, and all the steps along the way to ensure your fintech brand stands apart from the pack.

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  1. In a saturated market, what differentiators are fintech investors searching for?
  2. How can you make your company stand out to potential customers and acquires in a space where you are one of many offering a similar sounding soluti
  3. Why do stablility and brand strength matter so much in fintech?



Lindsey Broussard, Administrative Asst, Leverage PR

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