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SXSW 2017

Weaving Together Tech, Fashion and Congress

The Internet of Things has connected everything from our watches to our shoes, generating data and improving lives. Smart fabrics, 3D printing and microsensors are some of the technologies being used by designers today. As the tech and fashion worlds forge the future of wearable tech, when and where will Congress insert itself into the conversation? This panel looks at futuristic fashion and explores the policy issues involved. Our panelists include Congressman Darrell Issa, the co-chair of the Internet of Things Caucus, Sandra Lopez the VP of Wearables at Intel and Becca McCharren, a designer at Chromat Garments for a great discussion.

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  1. What innovations does the future of wearable technology and fashion hold?
  2. How are wearable devices transforming the Internet of Things and what are the potential public policy considerations?
  3. How is Congress regulating wearable tech, and how can tech and fashion work together to achieve solutions that benefit innovation and protect wearers?



Kevin Casey, Legislative Mgr, TwinLogic Strategies

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