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Impact of Virtual Reality in the Classroom

1. Participates will learn how we have implemented virtual reality into the humanities program.
2. Members of the workshop will utilize the virtual reality environments and will engage in conversations on the experience.
3. Participates will be given time to work with members of similar disciplines to create virtual reality classroom experiences.
4. Each participate will be able to design a lesson to implement in there classroom.
5. Through crowd sourcing each workshop member will walk away with 3 lessons to implement in their personal classroom or to share with other members of their school.

Additional Supporting Materials


  1. How might we use virtual reality to connect people to human experiences throughout the world?
  2. What ethical questions need to be considered when introducing VR to student populations?
  3. How can VR be implement in a way that compliments learning and is not just a "cool" activity?



James Campbell, Head of Grade & Design Thinking Coach, MVIFI

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