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SXSW 2017

Asian Americans Break the Silence & Stereotypes

The diversity in media conversation has long been focused on the African American & Latino communities. Asian American Pacific Islanders (API) have been underrepresented, stereotyped, or whitewashed in mainstream media & left very much invisible. In recent years, a growing grassroots movement & collaborative effort of API creatives in new media, music, & film have changed the scene & brought this issue to the forefront after years of cultural evolution. This panel will gather some leading API creatives to discuss the layered issues behind the challenges of being pegged as "unmarketable" by Hollywood & proof of how our stories enriches & entertains a universal audience & impacts our world.

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  1. How have stereotypical roles, one dimensional tropes, & whitewashing been damaging for the fastest growing minority demographic in America?
  2. How has the Asian American creative community responded to & thrived in an industry that’s told us that we’re “not marketable"?
  3. Why is integrating true diversity beneficial & enriching for the creative community & film/music/tech industries and where do we go from here?



Christine Minji Chang, Exec Dir & Actor, Kollaboration

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