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How Cities Can Use to Empower Decisions

As technology continues to revolutionize the way government does business internally and externally, cities across the nation are turning to data to inform and empower the way they make decisions. Using data, cities are creating new products, changing the way they’re offering services and improving the citizen-government relationship. However, cities aren’t doing this work alone. Instead, they’re partnering with organizations like Code for America, Bloomberg Philanthropies and more to make that happen. In this panel, we will explore how cities are using data to drive decision making across government with the help of philanthropic and nonprofit entities.

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  1. Where have you been able to use data to help drive a project in your city?
  2. How is partnering with outside agencies beneficial to maximizing progress is your city?
  3. Where do you see collaboration between entities likes these and cities going in the future?



Jake Williams, Mgr of Strategic Initiatives StateScoop, Scoop News Group

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