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SXSW 2017

David vs. Goliath: The Future of Live Indie Venues

In the age of Live Nation, AXS and AEG, smaller companies and independent venues are being gobbled up or forced out of business. Without the deep pockets of their corporate competitors, many smaller clubs are having to find new ways to compete for both artists and patrons. Whether that’s by adding hotels and restaurants to their properties or by getting inventive with alternative venues, the road ahead is rocky, at best. In this age of growing corporate domination of all aspects of the music business, we’ve compiled a group of representatives from independent entertainment companies to discuss the way forward for indies in areas of booking, exhibition, promotion, ticketing and hospitality.

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  1. In the age of Live Nation, AXS, Nederlander and AEG, how do the smaller companies and independent venues survive?
  2. What is the future of independent live music exhibition?
  3. What do fans and touring bands expect/demand from venues these days that they didn’t before and how can indies meet those demands?



Mark Rabinowitz, Account Dir, Platform Media Group

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